Zns Thin Film Thesis

The samples were found to survive an increase in temperature of many hundreds of degrees.

The effect of n-type surface doping of Cu2O by K was also investigated.

The surface morphological, structural, optical and electrical properties of the as-deposited and annealed films are studied in details.

The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) micrographs of the indium doped Zn S films have been taken.

Cu2O samples were made by annealing and controlled oxidation of Cu metal foils.

A robust p-type doping of Cu2O using low/medium energy ion implantation was demonstrated.The properties of Zn S thin films and their growth mechanisms were studied using x-ray diffraction, UV-Visible spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurements.Effects of deposition techniques on structural and optical properties were reported.In this thesis, two earth-abundant, easily fabricated semiconductors, Cu2O and Zn S, were investigated to explore their electronic and optical properties after doping.Fe doped Zn S has been studied as a potential material for passive Q-switches in miniaturized mid-infrared lasers, while K and N doped Cu2O has been proposed as a suitable absorber material for photovoltaic (PV) and photo-electrochemical (PEC) applications.The X-ray pattern of the as deposited Zn S and In0.4Zn0.6S show a broad peak that confirms the amorphous nature of the film.But the In0.8Zn0.2S thin film is crystalline as X-ray of it shows five peaks at different 2theta position.1–4 μm thick Zn S: Fe films of high optical quality with Fe content up to 9 at:% were made on sapphire and silicon using vapor deposition at room temperature.Well-isolated optical absorption peaks were observed with iron concentrations up to 4 at:%, despite a high density of twin defects in the cubic crystal structure.K was in-situ deposited on a clean polycrystalline Cu2O surface.With increasing K concentration up to 8:7 at:%, the valence band maximum (VBM) shifted by 225me V to higher binding energies as determined by photoelectron spectroscopy.


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