Writing A Comparison Contrast Essay

Sources should be credible, better scholarly, from scientific journals or websites.Language, as well as style of compare and contrast essay must be formal.Referencing is best way to prove facts, idea, data, or explain why you support this or that position.The length of paper/ number of paragraphs depends on how many criteria are analyzed/compared/contrasted.Normally, there are two ways to organize information: Conclusion - in this section, writers must restate thesis, synthesize key points, provide closing remarks.Below is our attempt to describe these stages: Precisely define your compare and contrast essay topics (in case there is no fixed topic).You might discover that the initial topic you had in mind is too broad and for this reason, can’t be used for an efficient comparison.It is common knowledge that analytical writing develops thinking skills.A true professional and any educated person must be capable of noticing distinctive and similar features of various entities, whether they relate to art, history, literature, exact sciences, etc.This would allow obtaining a few samples written by professional writers in agreement with provided instructions, which you can analyze to become more familiar with the compare and contrast essay format/structure .Of course, one has total freedom in writing but it does not mean that paper should not be supported by sources.


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