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However, the storytelling label most definitely does (or should) apply to case studies, because stories are exactly what case studies are.Case studies are self-contained stories about how a real customer overcame their problems using your products or services.

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My first thought was whether there were any similarities between training difficult dogs and getting to grips with Ad Words as a new advertiser.

This thought became the basis for the entire case study.

They should be able to relate to the problems of your featured customer, and see themselves achieving their own goals by using your product or service. Although case studies can be used to accompany new product launches, they are not merely vehicles to talk about new products. They can be used to advertise new products or features, but it’s not about in the most literal sense.

They get preoccupied with things like brand voice or messaging matrices and forget to leverage the narrative form that makes stories so compelling.

The case study has long been a staple of marketing departments everywhere.

However, despite the prevalence of marketing case studies and their potential impact, most of them are dull, boring, and forgettable.So, ready to write a case study that will leave your audience wanting more? Marketers love using the word “storytelling” to describe their collateral.Everything is a story, if marketers are to be believed.Try to find an interesting customer for your next case study. Are any of your customers using your business to solve difficult or unusual problems?Get creative when searching for someone to serve as the basis for your next case study. Yes, you want your case study to be interesting and feature a compelling angle, but you also want the vast majority of your target market to be able to identify with it.Or, even worse, they simply can’t stop themselves from harping on about how great their company is, the gravest of sins when case studies are concerned.Case studies may not be as sexy as a viral blog post, and as such they’re often overlooked in favor of other content formats.We don’t have unreasonable expectations about our case studies, and we know that both our sales teams and prospects find them useful.Last year, one of our Product Marketing Managers asked me to write a case study for a client that rehabilitates badly behaved and aggressive dogs.Just like a story, good case studies have a beginning, a middle, and an end, as well as a protagonist – your customer – overcoming a problem and achieving their objective, just like the main character of a story.By the end of a case study, the reader should be able to visualize themselves as the hero of their own story.


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