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Mullenweg has the motivation, resources, and ability to squash Pearson — and indeed most thought he’d done so already.

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He’s paving a new path for how to create a valuable software company while religiously defending and promoting open source software.

Chris Pearson founded DIYthemes and helped pioneer the early Word Press commercial theme industry.

During their first conflict in 2010, and in the resurgent one going on now, Mullenweg and Pearson have both at times made mistakes, acted childishly, or been in the wrong.

Both also have merit in various aspects of their positions.

The commercial theme movement started in 2007 and took off in 2008.

Thesis was one of the pioneers of commercial Word Press themes.Word Press is licensed by the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later.The GPL ensures certain freedoms that protect both Word Press and those that utilize it.Matt Mullenweg, to many, would be considered BDFL, or Benevolent Dictator for Life, of Word Press.It’s a common term for folks that lead open source projects and have final say on project decisions.The situation created a spark and initiated a serious debate about theme licensing.Authors were concerned that GPL licensed themes would mean that their themes would be bought and freely distributed, removing their ability to make money from their works.The “four freedoms” that are the heart of the GPL are as follows: As Word Press co-founder Mike Little phrased it in the Post Status Slack, “The GPL is meant to be restrictive for developers and permissive for users.” The GNU philosophy page and subsequent articles are a good resource for understanding the nature of the license.The GPL is a Copyleft license, which creates the “stipulation that the same rights be preserved in derivative works down the line.” In an immature theme market, licensing was given relatively little notice, and many theme authors provided their themes with no license or proprietary licenses.However, from a pure size perspective and principles aside, Mullenweg is the big nation army and Pearson is the small revolutionary militia.Mullenweg views Pearson as a threat to everything he stands for and has worked to accomplish, and Pearson views Mullenweg as an overbearing figure with no true authority over his decisions.


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