Worst College Essays Ever Written

If you decide you to talk about one of the cliché essay topics mentioned above, a good way to tell a more common story is to focus on one specific moment and build from there.For instance, if I were only interested in field hockey and felt I absolutely to write about the sport in my essay, I would not write about some vague game and how good it felt when my team won.The cliché service trip essay often sounds incredibly vague, so if you must write about your experience, make sure you tell a very specific story that brings the reader into a certain moment with you (more on that later).

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However, just like with any good piece of writing, you need to know your audience.

And in this case, your audience does not think anything about your high school relationship sounds impressive.

Unfortunately, there is a really good reason no one else wrote that essay.

The same goes for trying to be creative and responding with one word, one sentence, or a poem.

The university’s supplemental application asked him to describe one of his quirks.

I distinctly recall reading my friend’s essay about him being a storyteller above all else and visibly grinning as my eyes passed over each line, because the essay was just so genuine and true.

And while that experience may have really affected your life, it affects the lives of thousands of upper–middle class students around America in the exact same way, and they are all writing the same essay about it as we speak.

If your time in Sierra Leone really feels like what you need to tell your dream school about, talk about a specific experience, like a conversation you had with someone who lived there.

There are a few clichés to avoid in the college essay world.

Keep reading to find out what to avoid and what to approach in your college essay writing journey. These College Application Essay Ideas DON'T Work A great college admission essay makes the reader say something along the lines of, “Wow, I’ve never heard of someone who did/experienced that before.” Know what nearly everyone has experienced before? More specifically, almost everyone has either won or lost a sports game.


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