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Meta change, after, beyond, between Greek metaphysics - study of nature and reality; metamorphosis - a complete change of form; metastasis - the transmission of disease to other parts of the body.

I mean that, without conceding the point, it's a thesis I'll not argue.

That thesis will make or mar you as far as your first job goes.

Loqu, locu speak Latin eloquent - speaking beautifully and forcefully ; loquacious - very talkative; elocution - art of public speaking.

Od path, way Greek diode - an electron tube having two electrodes, a cathode and an anode; odometer - an instrument attached to a vehicle to measure the distance traversed; triode - an electron tube with an anode, a cathode, and a control grid odor smell, scent Latin.

Vol/i/u wish, will Latin benevolent - showing good will and kindness; volition - the act of making a choice or decision, voluntary - resulting from your own free will.

Mot, mov move Latin motion - the act of moving; motivate - to move someone to action; promote to move someone forward; removable - able to be taken or carried away.

Then pay for your perfect policy - its all in the app.

Infra beneath, below Latin infrastructure - underlying framework of a system; infrared - below the regular light spectrum.

Necr/o dead, death Greek necrophil - loving death; necrosis - the death of tissue due to disease or injury; necrology - a list of persons who have recently died.

The mere exposition of a thesis would have little or no value.


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