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This naturally creates serious health risks for women in these areas.

It also becomes one more way in which low-income communities become separated from the larger American culture, exacerbating the socioeconomic divide that is creating such tension across our nation. Researchers at the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice found that nearly half of all participants surveyed could not afford to buy both food and period-related products during the past year.

You would think the ability of half the population to thrive economically would resonate.

Yet issues from family planning to access to care are caught up in our contemporary polarization.

Nearly 150 years ago, Republicans were the first major political party to acknowledge and support the rights and representation of women within the party platform.

The road to women’s suffrage proved a long and arduous journey.They allocate federal funds to state committees to investigate and analyze the deaths of new and expectant mothers and to explore and eliminate the serious shortages in maternity care.The welfare of women and economic growth Still, increased support for women’s holistic well-being and full continuum of care is overdue.In short, healthier women contribute to more productive and educated communities.Women reinvest a significantly higher proportion of their earnings back into their children and their families than men.Studies show that countries that prioritize the well-being of women are more prosperous, and healthy overall.When women have the agency and access to determine their futures and support their well-being, their families are more secure.And conservatives should rally to this cause since the empowerment and welfare of women everywhere has a direct impact on wider prosperity.Many complexities face women’s health, but indifference or, worse, hostility have only expanded problems and caused some conservatives to overlook the extensive economic benefits of comprehensive investments in women’s health.But from the election of Jeannette Rankin to the United States House to introduction and ratification of the 19th Amendment, Republicans were influential in women becoming more actively involved in American society.We have more work to do in the pursuit of full equality, but women have continued to push forward in every facet of American life.


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