Where Does The Annotated Bibliography Go In A Research Paper

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This seems to be the case in the next source, which did indeed conduct analysis of a pre-existing online forum.

The findings appear to be somewhat similar to this study.

In a more extensive piece of academic writing, the annotated bibliography helps the reader who wants to dig deeper to find just the right source for his or her interest.

For the writer, the annotated bibliography will become a go-to resource to continue the research process.

For example, if the author was a black abolitionist preacher during the Civil War era, you are going to read the source differently than if it was written by a 20th-century historian. She also describes the involvement of her pastor uncle in both the abolition and temperance movements.

Why is this source going to help you with this paper? If your professor does not specify the number of sources required for the annotated bibliography, then you want to aim for about 20% more than would be required or expected for the paper.If you aren’t sure whether a source is a primary source or a secondary source, see my post about the difference between primary and secondary sources.There are a few ways you can do this in your annotated bibliography.This is true for anything from a shorter research paper to a full-length book.You can refer back to the annotated bibliography to see what sources you found during the planning stage and why you thought they would be helpful, so you can have a better chance at finding the information you are looking for when you actually get down to writing.When you are finished working on your annotated bibliography, make sure to go back and check out the rest of the series!An annotated bibliography has a few different uses.Both authors of this paper are affiliated with an academic institute in Milan, Italy.Also importantly, this article is based on empirical research carried out, with the chosen methodology clearly explained.This paper has been published in a peer-reviewed, academic journal publication title, which follows strict publishing guidelines.The paper was written in 2012, and is therefore very current.


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