Ways To Solve Multiplication Problems

Ways To Solve Multiplication Problems-86
We can ask our students to look at a repeated addition equation and identify the multiplication equation that is represented.PICTURE REPRESENTATIONS/EQUAL GROUPS Equal groups are a great way to introduce multiplication.For example, to figure out the problem below, we could add 8 8 8 8 8 to make 40 and get the correct answer for this problem.

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I’m sure you’re already an expert in multiplication, but you might not understand exactly why it works the way it does.

We’re going to look at Chinese and Egyptian methods of multiplication.

For example, the array below shows 6 rows and 7 columns.

This represents the multiplication equation 6×7 or 7×6. Be sure to ask students to identify the equation represented by an array, as well as draw arrays to represent an equation.

SKIP COUNTING Skip-counting is generally an introductory activity for multiplication.

Students can use a number line, or a simple skip-counting sequence to figure out the product of an equation.

The idea of “groups of” can be understood more when introduced with a picture.

This task card shows the equation 6×8 represented in an “equal groups” picture.

Be sure to have your students draw picture representations that make sense to them, as well as identify the equation represented by a picture.

Long multiplication is a method used to solve multiplication problems with large numbers.


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