Vodafone Research Papers

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Looking at adoption trends across various segments including automotive, healthcare and financial services, the team suggests the Io T world is creeping slowly towards mass market adoption.

While this will certainly be encouraging for huge swathes of the telco world, as a telco which is arguably one of the leaders, Vodafone will be buoyed by such estimates.

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Vodafone has released its sixth annual Internet of Things Barometer report to give a temperature check on Io T progress, and its all looking pretty rosy.

With the example of Vodafone, the research concentrates on the intricacies of the relationship between brand image and online marketing strategies in order to enhance brand image internationally, in the context of the global telecom sector.

For this purpose, two detailed online surveys were conducted to gather opinion about the effects of online marketing strategies on brand image.

Any comparison between the two bases of reporting is not meaningful.

As a result, the discussion of our operating results is primarily on an IAS 18 basis for all periods presented.

“Io T is on the cusp of mass adoption but to make that jump into the mainstream, we need a fresh look at how these devices are implemented,” said Nick Ford, technology evangelist at Mendix.

“All too often, Io T devices are not set up to deliver the best results.


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