Vocab Words For Sat Essay

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Tough words still appear in many SAT Reading passages, questions, and answer choices, and if you don’t know these words, you will probably struggle.

Students may be more familiar with some of the vocabulary tested on the SAT than in past iterations of the test, but you will need to know multiple definitions of those words.

I like to piggyback on that and take advantage of their great vocab flashcards, without paying a giant corporation $100/hr for private tutoring that I can find online for 1% of the price.

These type of SAT-focused word lists are so great What I used to do with my students was make a list at each lesson of words taken directly from the SAT that were unfamiliar to them.

This was alright because I have a good “sense” for what words will be more useful than others and could customize their vocab homework, because when it comes to the SAT, some words will definitely show up more than others.

For example, I would much rather teach a student the meaning of the word “expedient” (efficient and effective; in some cases, immoral) than “sesquipedalian,” which means “using long words.” The first word is common and versatile and has an excellent chance of showing up in many sections of the SAT, but the second word is rare and extremely specific – it has a very small chance of appearing on the SAT and even if it did, it would only show up in the hardest SAT sentence completion questions.

One of those things is the ability to rank the most-commonly-seen vocabulary words on the SAT…

a surely a labor-intensive task that seems like it requires a lot of employees, a lot of computer power, and a lot of connections with the College Board.

What do I love about this SAT vocabulary list in particular?

Well, I know I disagree pretty openly with a lot of the stuff the “big-name” companies do, like the incredible amount of money they charge for private SAT tutoring and classes, but they do have access to some large-scale resources that I don’t have.


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