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These people created a Paid at Home website backed by an advertising campaign on radio just like Income at Home.However, where Income at Home is just a front to get you to join Herbalife, Paid at Home is a front for Vemma.When you at the home page, there’s only a small note at the bottom in the fine print that it is actually just a recruitment tool for this distributor to get someone into Vemma.

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I shouldn’t need to go further into these examples.

The bottom line is that a good multivitamin could supply all this for a fraction of the cost.

One challenged me to come up with something bad about Vi Salus.

It was pretty easy to show Vi Salus was a scam as well with the terrible product, terrible marketing, and the founder running what the FTC guidelines quite clearly state is a pyramid scheme. In the past couple of months, I’ve been getting comments about Vemma being the next big MLM scam.

That’s 2.2 cents per serving for double of what’s in Vemma.

Vemma is effectively putting 8 drops, or less than 18 cents worth of Vitamin D supplement in every bottle.

Amazon has 100 lozenges, with each having 2,000 mcg of B-12 for .

One lozenge alone would be enough to supplement 133 servings (8 and a third bottles) of Vemma.

Now that we’ve established the ridiculousness and deceptiveness of this type of advertising here are some examples from Vemma’s marketing page: That sounds impressive, right?

Let’s take the first one, the 55 eggs for the vitamin D in Vemma.


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