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Anyways thanks for any suggestions people have Speaking as a former hrl employee..is very difficult to change your housing assignment.Really the only way you will be able to change is if there is some emergency situation (i.e.

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you get into a dramatic dispute with your roommates that cannot be resolved for a semester or longer).

I'm not suggesting you start fights with your triple-mates, but that is pretty much the only common way people end up switching.

Incoming Transfer students, while not always guaranteed housing, are placed by Residential Life in one of our residential halls with students of their class year (whenever possible) or with other transfer students.

Transfer students are typically assigned at the end of June or early July.

First and second year students at Tufts are required to live on campus, and transfer students of first-year or sophomore class standing are considered part of this requirement.

Rising Sophomore students are required to live on-campus. The housing application is an opportunity for students to indicate their living preferences in order to get matched with a great roommate or roommates!Students are not able to request specific students as roommates; our system matches students based on their preferences from their housing application.I know I can't get everything I wanted since dorm space is limited but, I still wasn't able to get a single one of my first choice selections. I really want at least just a double room, although suite would be ideal (seriously doubt that one since I heard there's very limited space for suite).So my question is, is there any way to switch housing assignments before or after the semester starts if vacancies appear (in the email it said no vacancies are available right now)? But from what I've been hearing, it seems like I'll have to live with what they gave me.Space was my main concern, but the room felt a lot bigger than the dimensions suggest.There is a lot of space in the middle of the room, so we put a carpet and couch in.Haha I was in a very similar situation last year (triple in new dorms).I was dreading it coming in, but I absolutely loved it.I will say that the lofted bed sucks, but the space you gain makes it worth it. Sometimes spaces open up in double rooms, in which case HRL may contact you asking if anyone in your triple wants to switch.I genuinely think the triples are the best rooms on grounds. That happened to me first year (triple in Fitzhugh), but none of us opted to leave.


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