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Repetition is also often used in speech, as a rhetorical device to bring attention to an idea.We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the tyrannical hands of the ministry and parliament.1) If you’re worried about repeating ideas, then one of the easiest and most illuminating things that you can do is to reverse outline your draft.

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Repetition can also be used microcontextually, to drive home a crucial point, as does the word “alcohol” here: Here the substitution of “the drug” in the final position is a variance that only serves to strengthen the focus on “alcohol.” After reading your paper, a reader should never have to struggle to articulate your message, because you will have clearly and repeatedly expressed it.

The important thing is that you use repetition in a smart way that adds emphasis to particular ideas.

As a scientist, you are writing because you have a non-subjective message to convey. State it, rather than imply it; repeat it to drive it home, and vary it to keep the reader engaged.

In the following example, you can emphasize your message through the Title, Abstract, and Discussion.

Some writers like to do this in the margins and others prefer a separate sheet of paper.

Whatever your preference, a reverse outline will let you see rather clearly whether or not you’ve returned to the same idea or piece of evidence multiple times in the same essay.When she was done, she raced to the front door again and left.This is an example of poor use of repetition—the word “raced” is repeated, but it doesn’t strengthen the sentences, rather, it sounds like the author didn’t have better word choices.This is clearly suggested by the finding that lesioning of the PPT blocks the expression of ethanol-induced reward, as measured by place preference, only independent withdrawn mice [207].In addition to its role in mediating the rewarding effects of ethanol, the VTA is also implicated in mediating the prediction of the availability of rewards (via phasic firing of dopaminergic neurons) [208,209] and signals for aversive stimuli [210].Authors use repetition a lot, in both literature and speech—it’s a great technique that any writer can use.As a standard, you should repeat a word when you want certain parts of your writing to stand out or be very clear.If I’m writing a paper on the history of the run up to World War I, for example, I might decide to mark all the areas where I discuss treaty arrangements in , and so on.Once I’ve visualized these ideas with color, I can see more easily whether or not I keep returning to the same topics or whether I need to restructure any portions of my essay.Collectively, this evidence suggests that the PPT may act via the VTA to influence alcohol consumption and seeking behaviors.In the example just cited, the first sentence was the main topic sentence and the last sentence was a refinement of that sentence.


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