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But can and should the way that aim is fulfilled be changed for the better?Once the debate is opened, the questions multiply, and answering them meaningfully is critical if higher education is to move forward relevantly. The University of Johannesburg (UJ) understands the implications of changing societies and the role of education in promoting and reflecting that change.Or is there value in a hybrid of these two approaches – an integrated approach that would be best suited to the 21st century and the digital revolution that is changing our societies forever?

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These factors are generating a debate that represents a radical reassessment in institutes of higher learning: is the academic thesis obsolete?

Would students at master’s and doctoral levels be better off spending less time writing and more time developing a concise and progressive set of papers?

Do multi-authored papers blur the boundaries of the attributable research, and individual contributions?

Would limited lengths encourage more exact writing and better equip students for the competitive world outside of academia, where many, if not most post-graduate students end up as funding and university positions dwindle?

With demands on their time becoming ever more stringent, would supervisors be better placed to read such shorter, well-crafted combinations?

Does anyone apart from the student ever read an entire doctoral thesis?

The first postgraduate program was established in 1968 upon the issuance of the Royal Decree regarding establishing a scientific edifice whose mission was to prepare high-level academic qualifications.

Hence, the main task set for the School of Graduate Studies is to organize the affairs of postgraduate studies on the University level, including all humanities, scientific, and medical specializations.

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In the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one principle that is emerging as a fundamental aspect of the change our societies are undergoing, is speed.


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