Title Page Of A Business Plan

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Be specific in showing how you will give your business a competitive edge.

Detail whether the business is a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, who its principals are, and what they will bring to the business.

You should also mention who you will sell to, how the product will be distributed, and the business's support systems.

You're going to provide service after the sale; competitor B doesn't support anything he sells. Now you must be a classic capitalist and ask yourself, "How can I turn a buck? " Answer that question for yourself, and then convey that answer to others in the business concept section.

You don't have to write 25 pages on why your business will be profitable.

It doesn't attempt to hold the reader's attention for an extended period of time, and this is important if you're presenting to a potential investor who will have other plans he or she will need to read as well.

Title Page Of A Business Plan

If the business description is long and drawn-out, you'll lose the reader's attention, and possibly any chance of receiving the necessary funding for the project.

Support may come in the form of advertising, promotions and customer service.

Once you've described the business, you need to describe the products or services you intend to market.

Give the reader an idea of the experience of the other key people in the business.

They'll want to know what suppliers or experts you've spoken to about your business and their response to your idea.


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