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I’ve been astonished too often by those I’ve visited: ordinary Americans, who at times, are extraordinary in their insights and dreams. “Wash your hands,” he declared to doctors and nurses.I find the labels “liberal” and “conservative” of little meaning. He may have wound up in a nuthouse, but he pursued the truth, found it, and saved untold millions of lives.

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Maybe the poet Keats was right after all in the “Ode on a Grecian Urn.” He envied the fortunate youth who is forever chasing his love, never quite catching her. And yet there is something which I believe with no uncertainty.

There is something we can do while we’re alive and breathing on this planet.

But that community had a number of people on that very block, electricians and plumbers and carpenters, who appeared that very evening, and moved the household goods back into the flat where they had been. It was a community in action accomplishing something. Murrow Appendix B: How to Write Your Own This I Believe Essay Appendix C: How to Use This I Believe in Your Community Acknowledgments Discussion Questions1.

Albert Einstein once observed that westerners have a feeling the individual loses his freedom if he joins, say, a union or any group. Once you join others, even though at first your mission fails, you become a different person, a much stronger one. Studs Terkel's foreword raises the question of truth and how we discern it.

I secretly envy those who believe in the hereafter and with it the idea that they may once again meet dear ones.

They cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is such a place. I cannot find the bookmaker willing to take my bet on it.

Featuring a well-known list of contributors-including Isabel Allende, Colin Powell, Gloria Steinem, William F.

Buckley Jr., Penn Jillette, Bill Gates, and John Updike-the collection also contains essays by a Brooklyn lawyer; a part-time hospital clerk from Rehoboth, Massachusetts; a woman who sells Yellow Pages advertising in Fort Worth, Texas; and a man who serves on the state of Rhode Island's parole board.

Ed Murrow, introducing an assemblage of voices in the volume This I Believe, sounded a claxon. In 1791, Tom Paine, the most eloquent visionary of the American Revo-lution, sounded off: Freedom has been hunted around the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear made man afraid to think. In such a situation, man becomes what he ought to be. It is the pursuit of this truth that appears to be the common tenor of all the voices you hear in this new volume.

But such is the irresistible nature of truth is that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing . He sees his species not with the inhuman idea of a natural enemy, but as kindred . We need not dwell on the old question: What is truth?


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