Things Fall Apart Essay On Minor Charcter

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I know; maybe you're thinking that the story of an African tribesman can't be all that interesting. Have you ever worried that you might grow up to be like your parents?

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Consequences are the negative or positive outcomes, resulting from an action.

Citizens all over the world make many decisions every day and take actions that result in repercussions that they may not have even imagined in their lives and the lives of others.

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Characters in literature also make split-second decisions, leading to events that may either benefit or harm them.

The characters Okonkwo and Paul from Things Fall Apart and Hotel Rwanda, clearly express many examples of such actions and the resulting consequences, some of which remain very serious for themselves and others.They also believe that powerful spirits walk the Earth and make important decisions for the tribe. Okonkwo begins the novel as an aspiring farmer who wants to grow enough yams to start making a name for himself. Unoka doesn't give his son pep talks or anything like that; he's lazy, owes a lot of money, and he's the laughing stock of the tribe.Okonkwo feels he must succeed, so he won't be known as a son of a bum.Just as Okonkwo is the opposite of his father, Nwoye is the opposite of Okonkwo.His daddy likes beating people up, and he drinks his wine from a human skull.We see everyone gather for the big wrestling match, where Okonkwo flexes his muscles in triumph, and we sneak a peek into the tribal religion.Fate is the idea that the future has already been determined. But the Ibo believe that fate can be changed if you want it bad enough.In Things Fall Apart, conflict between the village and the Christian missionaries lead to people dividing up and fighting with each other.When Okonkwo returns from exile after seven years and…Okonkwo's hard work pays off, and before you know it, he's got a large farm, three wives, and barns full of yams. When a hostage arrives from a neighboring village, Okonkwo takes the boy in and raises him as his own son.The hostage's name is Ikemefuna, and he turns out to be a good influence on Okonkwo's oldest boy, Nwoye.


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