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Explain why the process described is not reversible.See answer Problem # 2 Air with a relative humidity of 30% at 20°C is pumped into a container.This would result in a lot of waste heat being generated on an enormous scale, which has the potential of being detectable using telescopes here on earth.

See answer Answers For Thermodynamics Problems Since the containers are insulated, no heat transfer occurs between the gas and the external environment, and since the gas expands freely into container B there is no resistance "pushing" against it, which means no work is done on the gas as it expands.

As a result, the internal energy of the gas remains the same, before and after the expansion.

Using online resources, analyze the efficiency of the Air Car.

See answer Problem # 7 A Drop Tower is a popular ride in amusement parks.

What is the maximum pressure inside the container so that water does not condense on the inside of the container?

Assume the air temperature inside the container is 20°C.

Using the equation above, why would this produce more power output than using non-concentrated solar energy as the heat source, collected over the same area as the dish.

See answer Source: # 4 Steam at a temperature of 350°C and a pressure of 1 MPa is flowing through a pipe. See answer Problem # 5 A vortex tube, also known as a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube, is a mechanical device without moving parts that separates a compressed gas into hot and cold streams.

Hot air exits the right side of the tube at a temperature of 105°C and at atmospheric pressure.

The ratio of mass flow rate between the cold stream and the inlet stream is 0.70. See answer, and the initial temperature and pressure of air inside the tank is 20°C and 30 MPa, respectively.


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