The Imperial Ib Business Case Study Questions

The Imperial Ib Business Case Study Questions-15
The IB Glocal Electives are intensive study abroad programmes led by Imperial College Business School faculty to teach students how to explore contemporary global business problems with a local perspective.

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There are two on-campus periods in your first year where you will need to be in London for coding bootcamps, revision and exams; there will be a one week visit in December 2019 and a one week visit in July 2020. I get to study a Master's degree in a subject I am passionate about, in one of the best schools in the world, alongside the verg best candidates, learn from faculty at the top of their field and still keep my job.

In your second year, you will focus on the application of the knowledge and skills learned in year one to real-world verticals such as healthcare, logistics and supply chain, finance or functional areas such as marketing, digital and human resources.

But the decline of the oceans is not just a business problem – it’s an existential threat to hundreds of millions of people in developing and middle-income countries who depend upon the sea for their livelihoods.

A response by governments and businesses to the task of conserving and responsibly using marine resources is beginning to emerge.

We have carefully designed this programme for online delivery via The Hub, our bespoke learning environment, ensuring students receive a high-quality and supportive experience which is comparable to our on-campus programmes.

You will be assessed through exams, individual coursework and group work.

Jade Palace is a Chinese restaurant and takeaway set up as a partnership by Keith and Kelly Yang.

Highly successful and with a loyal customer base, this case study looks at the options they face - either stay as they are or incorporate and expand.

IB Glocal Electives will allow you to: The Future of Cities – Technology, Sustainability, Planning, Business Opportunities This module will address the topic of the future of cities in regards to technology, sustainability, planning and business opportunities by focusing on forecasts, experts’ opinions, case studies and industry insights.

The transformation going on in New York City will be used as central case study for the contextualisation of the problems analysed.


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