The Human Family Tree Essay

This the nearly 2-million-year-old skull of a young boy found in the Malapa cave.Some scientists are arguing that its species is the most direct ancestor of what would evolve into the genus containing humans.

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He bases that claim on studies of Lucy and other fossils of her kind, as well as on 3.6-million-year-old, preserved footprints of several members of Lucy’s species. To prove where Berger’s discoveries fit in the human family tree, more fossils from the muddle in the middle will be needed.

The cave sits within the Malapa Nature Reserve in South Africa.

In 2008, 9-year-old Matthew Berger was exploring the cave when he spotted a bone sticking out of a chunk of rock.

Researchers generally agree that hominids evolved into No one knows precisely when that happened.

But it was between 2 million and 3 million years ago.


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