Test Anxiety Thesis Statement

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I think that anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences at one time or another in their life.

[tags: Anxiety, Panic disorder, Social anxiety disorder] - According to Sharp (2012), “anxiety disorders are the most widespread causes of distress among individuals seeking treatment from mental health services in the United States” (p359).

Along with being the most widespread mental health disorder, women are more likely to be affected by most anxiety disorders than men.

Living with constant fear of everything holds a person back of all the opportunities that are offered to them because of skepticism, and because of skepticism it makes a person worry which leads back to fear, which causes anxiety....

[tags: Anxiety, Panic disorder, Anxiety disorder] - Having the blues, feeling a little anxious, or getting stressed out from time to time is part of life.


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    R =.580 was found between test anxiety and internal dialogue scores. Students who thought about unrelated subjects during a test had higher levels of anxiety. Anxiety and study habits had a negative correlation r = -.378. As students’ levels of academic achievement increased their levels of anxiety decreased.…

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    Now add up your score on all statements • scores will range from 10 to 50. • a low score 10-19 indicates that you do not suffer from test anxiety. •in fact, if your score was extremely low close to 10, a little more anxiety may be healthy to keep you focused and to get your blood flowing during exams.…

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