Technology Can Solve Our Environmental Problems

Technology Can Solve Our Environmental Problems-20
Most significantly, it helps align the interests of businesses and environmentalists in meaningful ways.For that reason alone, it’s going to attract a lot of enthusiastic advocates.

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But it’s not the technology itself that’s to blame, just the application.

In the right hands, technology can help the planet solve urgent problems. Io T devices allow aspects of society that used to operate independently and invisibly to participate in vast information-sharing networks. With devices like industrial sensors, the Io T now allows companies to track efficiency and productivity in ways that weren’t possible before.

“All governments should have stricter rules for idling on sites,” says Amit Rai, CEO of Machine Max, a wireless telematics company.

Using connected devices to monitor when and where an engine is idling brings this problem into view.

Io T devices make those kinds of impactful improvements possible by allowing processes to be monitored in great depth and detail.

As companies study the reality of where, when, and how they use resources, they can engineer upgrades throughout. Smart technologies equipped with Io T connectivity can have an even broader impact — they offer applications in all aspects of life, industrial and otherwise.

When those sensors are connected to an integrated platform, as well as automatic controls on irrigation systems, farmers can minimize water usage while maximizing yield.

At a time when effective environmental solutions are overdue, the Io T provides a lot of them.

For instance, if there’s a problem within a hive needing attention, Io T sensors can send a notification.

In another application, sensors inside the hive can detect a common parasite blamed for killing bees.


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