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• To further your self-knowledge, you are required to complete the Kiersey Temperament as indicated in this week’s Learning Resources.

Consider your leadership style, including your strengths for leading others and include your results from Kiersey Temperament Sorter to describe potential challenges related to your leadership style.

• Mentally survey your work environment, or one with which you are familiar, and identify a timely issue/dilemma that requires you to perform the leadership role of moral agent or advocate to improve a situation (e.g., speaking or acting on behalf of a vulnerable patient, the need for appropriate staffing, a colleague being treated unfairly).

• What ethical, moral, or legal skills, dispositions, and/or strategies would help you resolve this dilemma?

Artisans are impulsive, adaptable, competitive, and believe the next throw of the dice will be the lucky one.

They can also be generous to a fault, always ready to share with their friends from the bounty of life.In this particular situation, given the patient’s declining mental status before surgery, her risk of fall was higher due to the effects of lingering general anesthetic and narcotic analgesia.The patient’s risk of infection was also increased due to her immobility and decreased ability to follow instructions such as frequent deep breathing to prevent atelectasis or pneumonia.• Consider an ethical, moral, or legal dilemma that you have encountered in your work environment and describe it. Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application (8th ed.). o Chapter 4, “Ethical Issues” This chapter examines ethical frameworks for decision making and principles of ethical reasoning. The effects of authentic leadership on followers’ ethical decision-making in the face of temptation: An experimental study. doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.20 Abstract excerpt: The present research investigates the impact of authentic leadership on followers’ morality, operationalized as ethical decision-making, in the face of temptation.• Analyze the moral, ethical, and legal implications utilized in this situation. You are also introduced to the ANA Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, MORAL decision-making model, and ethics committees. This experiment finds that authentic leadership and temptation interacted to affect individuals’ ethical decision-making. Using Evidence-Based Advocacy to Improve the Nation’s Health. doi:10.1016/20 Abstract excerpt: Evidence-based practice is 1 of the 5 competencies that the Institute of Medicine has identified for all health professionals.Thus Artisans will strike off boldly down roads that others might consider risky or impossible, doing whatever it takes, rules or no rules, to accomplish their goals.This devil-may-care attitude also gives the Artisans a winning way with people, and they are often irresistibly charming with family, friends, and co-workers.Define the differences between ethical, moral, and legal leadership.• Finally, consider the values and principles that guide the nursing profession; the organization’s mission, vision, and values; the leadership and management competencies addressed in this course; and your own values and reasons for entering the profession.Above all, Artisans need to be free to do what they wish, when they wish.They resist being tied or bound or confined or obligated; they would rather not wait, or save, or store, or live for tomorrow.


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