Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies

And when a video spreads like wildfire, it becomes viral. Blogger outreach is where you (as a blogger yourself or business owner), reach out to other bloggers in order to ask them to promote something or to guest post on their blog.

That's why we've come up with video marketing and viral marketing in this chapter. Influencer marketing is when you reach out to people with a good number of followers to Email marketing came long before digital marketing become even a thing.

Thomas Pink is a modern British shirt maker and is part of the Vuitton Moet Hennessy group.

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SMS marketing seems to rock big time for some businesses out there.

Youtube could be the first that comes to your mind when you hear about video marketing.Content Marketing, and Social Media marketing are the most common form of inbound marketing tactics.This chapter has a collection of case studies centered on Inbound Marketing, articles that do not have a particular focus but instead are a combination of sub marketing types under inbound.But in this case, the content comes in the form of a case study!Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and too many to even mention!A reaction to the fake news phenomenon, the Trump presidency and his administration’s adherence to “alternative facts”, the campaign tackles head-on the widespread sense of eroding faith in knowing the truth.The commercial flashes through a series of statements that start with “The truth is …” including one that’s a direct reference to President Trump himself: “The truth is the media is dishonest.”The New York Times aired their punchy TV ad in a 30-second advertising slot during the Academy Awards in February, targeting a liberal audience that would be receptive to their messaging.Founded in 2004, Facebook has evolved from a social network where you can see the faces and profiles of people in your circle to a major social media platform that we know it today.Many business utilizes Facebook for their social media campaigns and it has been proven to be really useful to generate leads for almost any business.It's the first that comes to mine, but its not the only social media platform where you can upload and share videos.It just happens that its one of the pioneers of free video upload service that after Google realized its potential and acquired it.


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