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From the beginning of his writing career in the 1920s, Hemingway's writing style occasioned a great deal of comment and controversy.

Basically, a typical Hemingway novel or short story is written in simple, direct, unadorned prose.

Adjectives piled on top of one another; adverbs tripped over each other.

Colons clogged the flow of even short paragraphs, and the plethora of semicolons often caused readers to throw up their hands in exasperation. An excellent example of Hemingway's style is found in "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place." In this story, there is no maudlin sentimentality; the plot is simple, yet highly complex and difficult.

Males have been known to have a transactional leadership style.

Transactional leadership is when followers are In order to accomplish these goals leaders must set strict rules and motivate their followers through rewards and bonuses.

Learning why different genders communicate in this manner, the various ways in which they do this, and why it matters is important as it can affect several areas of one’s life.

Communication is the means by which people share and spread ideas, emotions, and information. One of the underlying reasons for this is the motive behind the “conversation” that is taking place.

Contrary to men, women have been known to have a transformational leadership style.

Transformational leadership is a type of leadership that inspires followers to make positive changes in their expectations, perceptions and motivations to work towards common goals.


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