Sports Coaching Business Plan

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There is a lot of support given to you if you are a franchisee, more support than I ever thought there would be.

One of the other reasons franchising appealed to me was that an established brand name such as Little Kickers would be much better for me than to create my own sports company.

Also because I am young I still live at home and don’t have any big financial commitments, which means I have the stability to go and open up a new franchise area without any added pressure that I have a mortgage to pay or any big bills.

Parents and customers have been shocked and impressed when they find out my age but it’s not something I go shouting about.

Within Little Kickers franchisees there are a variety of ages which means I can learn off the more experienced franchisees and they can learn off the younger franchisees with newer ideas and ways to advertise.

I want to expand my business and push it to the potential I know it’s got.I am really excited and very motivated to get the business where I want it to be, I have always loved football from a very young age and to own a business around one of my main passions is amazing.Yeah I am a little scared, but that’s another reason why I am so motivated to make something of myself and the business.Having a brand name such as Little Kickers is an advertisement in itself.Social media is my biggest marketing tool, I have had many customers come from my advertising on Facebook.One hundred per cent, franchising is definitely a great option for young people.It allows you to own a business but with the support of the company.Local advertising such as leaflets and posters around my area have been very useful too.Now that the classes have started it’s all about building up a great reputation that everyone in my franchise area will hear about.Little Kickers is a worldwide company and that is justice to how much work everyone at the company puts in.I contacted Little Kickers back in January 2015 about owning a franchise in my area, then received a franchise pack that told me all the information I needed to know.


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