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The sun has been known to be a source of energy dating back to ancient times.The ancient Greek were the first to use solar power to their benefit, as they built their houses into the side of hills to take advantage of the heat storage from the sun during the day that would then be released during the night.

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The objective is to explain people how to acquaint reader with solar power using examples and interesting facts.

For thousands of years, people have been using sun for simple needs, such as drying clothes and growing food.

The first solar water heated office building was built during this time by an architect named Frank Bridgers.

A short time later a small satellite of the US Vanguard was powered by a solar cell of less than one watt.

Today, solar energy is one of the most useful and commonly used source of energy all over the world.

Solar thermal power is the process of taking heat from the sun to generate energy.The ancient Romans were the first people to use glass windows to steal the warmth of the sun in their homes.They were so serious about the preservation of this solar energy that they erected glass houses to create the right conditions to grow plants and seeds.Solar thermal power is also used to power turbines and even some machinery.Solar panels and are used to convert sunlight into electricity; this is probably the most commonly seen type of solar power.Solar power was seen as a great alternative to oil and petroleum products.During the 1990’s over one million homes had some form of solar power installed.This type of solar thermal power is usually installed in homes to reduce the cost of heating and cooling the dwelling.In many cases solar thermal power is used to power the hot water system in a home.This program was responsible for the installation and testing of over 3,000 photovoltaic systems.The 1990’s brought an even more mainstream interest in solar power.


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