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A related definition of argument implies a confrontation, a clash of opinions and personalities, or just a plain verbal fight.It implies a winner and a loser, a right side and a wrong one.What if we think of argument as an opportunity to connect with the points of view of others rather than defeating those points of view?

If a claim has a number of reasons, those reasons will form the support structure for the essay, and each reason will be the basis for the topic sentence of its body paragraph. Fact Arguments are also commonly mistaken for statements of fact.

This comes about because often people privilege facts over opinions, even as they defend the right to have opinions.

Literature scholars publish their interpretations of different works of literature to enhance understanding and share new views, not necessarily to have one interpretation replace all others. Someone with an opinion asserts a claim that he thinks is true.

There may be debates within any field of study, but those debates can be healthy and constructive if they mean even more scholars come together to explore the ideas involved in those debates. Someone with an argument asserts a claim that she thinks is true.

It is useful to look at the term “argument” in a new way.

What if we think of argument as an opportunity for conversation, for sharing with others our point of view on an issue, for showing others our perspective of the world?

An opinion is an assertion, but it is left to stand alone with little to no reasoning or support.

An argument is much stronger because it includes and demonstrates reasons and support for its claim.

They wish to share their discoveries and get feedback on their ideas.

When historians put forth an argument, they do so often while building on the arguments of other historians who came before them.


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