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But both it and “The Second Coming” can stand by themselves. 29] How they “stand by themselves” is how I read them. The effect of the rhyme scheme is similar to that which closes the quatrain and couplet of a Shakespearean Sonnet.Interestingly, Yeasts uses the form to the same effect as the closing sestet of the Shakespearean Sonnet..Tennyson requested that "Crossing the Bar" be the final poem in every collection of his work that would be published. What is the speaker's attitude towards death and how does he use poetic devices to create that attitude? What is the significant of that event on the actual poem? Yeats makes an abrupt shift in stanza 3 of "Easter 1916." Analyze the symbolism in that stanza and explain how it relates to the entire poem.

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On the one hand, he’s an indisputably great poet, on the other, the universality of his greatness is, in my opinion, sometimes mitigated by his arcane and idiosyncratic spiritual beliefs.

There was a time when I tried to grasp them but, frankly, I find them arcane and unrewarding.

, I admit, but this is the symbolism with which Yeats glorifies his vision of the afterlife. It seems that he idolized youth (and youthful beauty).

The older he became, the more bitter he was — possibly aggravated by his marriage, at the age of 51, to Georgie Hyde-Lees, then 24 (Yeats may have suffered from impotence).

Perne, Helen Vendler, Interpreting Sailing to Byzantium, Interpreting Yeats, John Unterecker, Mark Bauer, meaning of perne, Ottave Rima, pern in a gyre, perne in a gyre, pirn in a gyre, Poemshape on Yeats, Reader's Guide to W. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium, The composite voice: the role of W. III O sages standing in God’s holy fire As in the gold mosaic of a wall, Come from the holy fire, perne in a gyre, And be the singing-masters of my soul.

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Caught in that sensual music all neglect Monuments of unaging intellect.

In the 1930’s Yeats was asked, on visiting a brothel, what the experience was like. The initial trochee effectively emphasizes the vehemence of his refutation.

He replied, ““It was terrible, like putting an oyster into a slot machine! Other close readers will tell you that “that country” is Ireland (Yeats originally wrote instead of that.) But it doesn’t matter except to those interested in Yeats’ biography.

What does the speaker wanto become once he goes to Byzantium?

What points about the body and spirit is Yeats making in "Crazy Jane Talks to the Bishop"?


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