Romeo And Juliet Essay On Haste

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The Nurse goes to meet Romeo to find out the arranged time of the marriage.

When the Nurse returns she urges Juliet “Then hie you hence to Friar Laurence’ cell.

In the third scene Lady Capulet urges Juliet to marry Paris.

During their conversation a servant rushes in with an urgent message: “Madam, the guests are come, supper served up, you called, my young lady asked for, the nurse cursed in the pantry, and every thing in extremity.

Benvolio tries to stop the fighting by asking the brawlers, “Put up your swords.

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You know not what you do.” but he is ignored and suddenly finds himself in the middle of a riot.

/ There stays a husband to make you a wife.” While Friar Laurence and Romeo are waiting for Juliet to arrive, the Friar advises Romeo to “love moderately; long love doth so; / Too swift as tardy as too slow” but just then Juliet appears, running as swiftly as she can to her love.

After seeing Romeo at the Capulets party, Tybalt, Prince of Cats, had sent a challenge of a dual to Romeo.

Luigi da Porto originally wrote “Romeo and Juliet” in a prose format.

Shakespeare took the basic story line and transformed it into a play.


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