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And so we have the advantage of being the nimble 'underdog' player in most markets.

And so we have the advantage of being the nimble 'underdog' player in most markets.

This is the holy grail for us, because it's the people that make a great business idea work.

We sign up as branded venture capitalists (occasionally, as unbranded investors), take a stake in the company, and then look for a return on that investment after about two to five years.

” is written by The main thing to remember whenever you decide to become an entrepreneur is that, at some point, your idea and your business will grow far beyond you while simultaneously taking over your entire life.

It sneaks up on many aspiring entrepreneurs, and they’re left wondering how it all happened so fast.

I had never been interested in being "in business". The greatest and most unusual achievement of the Virgin Group is that it remembers what it's for. Although the combined Virgin Group is the largest group of private companies in Europe, each individual company is generally relatively small in its sector.

You can paint anything - anything - and there, right there, is your first problem. Would I have been happy without my successes in business? But again, it depends on what you mean by business. Almost certainly not: we've built it to contain any amount of damage, by organising it into around 300 limited companies.

The first law of entrepreneurial business: there is no reverse gear.

No one in business can unmake anything, any more than a band can unmake a song.

It's not easy to find energetic and enthusiastic people with the right attitude.

We look for people who can grow into their work, and respond with excitement when we give them greater responsibility.


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