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The agency’s RFP should delineate the needs of the agency for you if you are not already familiar with them.

Assuming you’ve chosen an appropriate grant to apply to, all you have to do is make this connection clear in your proposal.

From this, not only can hybridization efficiency of DNA be determined, but the kinetics of biochemical interactions can be found to a precise degree as well.

Objective Previous experiments by the Corn Group have found that the direction in which thiol-modified DNA is applied onto a microarray affects the signal intensity of SPR measurements by nearly four-fold.

In Surface Plasmon Resonance, collimated white light is shot through a prism where it hits a gold slide treated with biological molecules.

By employing a multiphase complex Fresnel calculation, one can calculate the changes in the index of refraction of ultrathin organic layers on the surface of the slide (2,3).Because nearly every funding organization has a different yet exact way they want your proposal to be organized, it is best to research what format the organization you are applying to would like you to use.This information is usually available on websites along with example proposals.With this aim you are addressing a broader audience, so be sure to express the impacts of your work in broadly accessible language.Even if your particular results will be small in the scope discovering planets or of curing cancer, their implications should be large.Besides the guidelines we provide you on this website, you have another invaluable resource for writing your research proposal: the Request for Proposals (RFP).The RFP, sometimes also called a Request for Applications (RFA), is a document provided by the funding agency that includes all the instructions you need to apply for a grant. Reading these documents carefully will save you undue time and stress trying to figure out how to properly construct your document.Microarrays provide a simple, rapid, low-cost fabrication method.A continual goal of the Corn Group is to create microarrays that require lower concentrations of compounds for detection.We will address how to make your proposal approachable and welcoming in our Style and Conventions section, below.Everything you include in your proposal should contribute to the goal of persuading your potential funding agency that they should fund your work.


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