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The section for Writing Instructors includes links to resources for parents and printable resources for grade 7-12 students and teachers.

Subject-Specific Resources cover writing in literature, creative writing, social studies, journalism, technical writing, and other higher education subjects.

If you’re presenting an analysis of information, then your paper is analytical.

If you’re writing to explain information, then your paper is expository.

The homepage links to other resources, including MLA and APA style guides.

The Chicago Manual of Style is found under Research and Citation Resources.—Wichita State University Department of English Although we’ll focus more on the organization and writing of a research paper in this article, the research process is an important first step.Research will help you in several ways: As you read and evaluate the information you discover, take notes.Columns can include headings such as Title, Author, Reference link, Page number, and Quotes. Don’t skip the organization step—it’s critical to your paper’s success.Without it, your paper will lack focus and you’ll spend much more time in the revision process trying to make sense of your jumbled thoughts.General Writing Resources covers the writing process, academic writing, common writing assignments, mechanics, grammar, punctuation, visual rhetoric, and more.The Writing Process addresses writing steps from pre-writing to proofreading. Guidance in developing research questions and outlines and composing thesis statements is supplied.If you’re arguing a conclusion, then it’s argumentative or persuasive.Your thesis statement should match the type of paper you’re writing.Think of the proposal as the pitch and the paper as the finished product.A prospectus is a formal proposal of a research project developed to convince a reader (a professor or research committee, or later in life, a project coordinator, funding agency, or the like) that the research can be carried out and will yield worthwhile results.


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