Research Paper Benefits Of Space Exploration

Human culture exists as a social environment made up by traditions, norms, rules written or unwritten, and social practices.

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It is the programming (aka schooling) since our childhood that we become less inquisitive as we age.

Finding the unknown is a basic instinct for modern human beings.

A testament to space exploration facilitating cross-cultural growth, the International Space Station exhibits an important collaboration between nations to construct and continually man the station.

The ISS operates as a research facility that contributes cutting edge scientific work from a unique environment that is nearly impossible to recreate on earth.

Even if you think you are too old for that you can help out by joining stuff like Zooniverse projects which give out data from satellites for analysis.

has links to many community science projects where you can help out the overwhelmed scientists to analyze data.You can enlighten kids and adults alike to the needs for space exploration and science in general.with notable utilities such as satellite telecommunications, remote sensing, micro gravity research and satellite navigation. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. We have prospered through our history only when we went beyond the known to the unknown. Its the very same reason someone asks question on this platform. You don't have to sit back and watch the news. Hence it is only natural to learn more about everything there is to know.The list of missions to the moon begin as early as 1958 and continued into the current age.A few successful lunar missions, by the USSR, include missions such as, the Luna 1 space craft that completed the first flyby of the moon in 1959, the Luna 3 lunar probe that took the first pictures of the far side of the moon in 1959, the Luna 10 orbiter that was the first orbiter of the moon in 1966, and the Lunokhod 1 lunar rover in 1970, which was the first rover that explored the surface of a world beyond earth.Government, space programs began investing in practical outcomes for the public good.Therefore, the importance of measuring the socio-economic benefits of space activities steadily grew throughout the 1970s and 1980s, an era defined as "Mission to Planet Earth".The Journal plans to publish four issues per year containing six to eight review articles each. Take the European Renaissance where the discovered new route to India, discovered the Americas, went around the world by sea. Space exploration has given us a lot of advantages. I can go on to many more points but I covered the basic most important ones. You can become a space scientist if you are academically inclined.


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