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(San Francisco Call) But for all intents and purposes, the "paper dart" was the "paper airplane" — the only thing that changed was the name.

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An 1881 description of the New York Stock Exchange noted an unusual punishment: "to throw a paper dart or ball at a member during the session of the Board is to incur a fine of ten dollars." Naturally, people threw paper darts at teachers, too: an 1889 story recalls the many times "a paper dart has glided noiselessly down the room, amidst the suppressed applause and smothered hilarity of the students." Sometimes, as today, kids made modifications to the classic paper dart model.

Occasionally they'd wedge a used pencil into the design to give it heft, or make a longer version, like this one from 1909: A paper dart from 1909.

You should work out an average distance flown for each type of plane in your paper airplane experiment.

However, we are going to use something called an adjusted average.

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When you throw a flimsy paper dart across a room, you might not realize that it follows the same laws of flight as a Jumbo Jet!

With just a few pieces of paper and a little patience, you can explore these laws and find out how a big piece of metal manages to stay in the air.

For this experiment, we are going to chose five different designs of plane.

, kids were told how to make a paper dart using "a piece of good stout paper." The instructions reveal a design that looks exactly like the familiar paper airplane.

People even used paper darts the same way kids use paper airplanes today: to be annoying.


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