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Having to do presentations is another effective way of learning because it provides an opportunity to research the topic and then teach others.

OLORUNKEMI ONIKOYI PORTFOLIO SUMMARY (REFLECTIVE ESSAY) This essay is a reflective account on the progress I have made during the on-going nursing training programme I have embarked upon.

The areas I intend to cover include the usefulness of assessment feedback for facilitating growth and for understanding the areas that need to be improved in my learning, the extent of the development of key transferable skills, an overview of meetings with my personal development tutor and issues related to my personal learning.

I have also learnt how to use database and Power Point I will continue to build on what I have learnt and improve on it because the technology is updating frequently and it is necessary to keep up with this trend. Carrying out a literature search during an assignment, taught me how to use the search engines using keywords in order to find relevant articles.

Carrying out a literature review has given me an insight into what research involves the ways in which research can be carried out and the different methodology that is used.

However, within nursing it is believed that in order to progress, these thoughts should be turned into guided reflection enabling one to improve them in the future.

The essential purpose of reflective practice is to enable the practitioner to access, understand and learn through, his or her lived experiences and, as a consequence, to take ‘congruent action towards developing increasing effectiveness within the context of what is understood as desirable practice’ (Johns 2000, p3).During my placement visit at the hospital I put into practice my communication skills which enabled me to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. From this scenario I have learnt that good communication skills are important in delivering health care services.For example, while I was working in the ward with a staff nurse, I observed through facial expression that a patient was in pain. Good therapeutic communication can help to relieve patient pain and anxiety.Fortunately the organization that I had picked was of great interest to me as British heart foundation was an organization that dealt and helped people from all walks of life.The fact that this topic was of interest to me made it much easier for me to discuss and write about it with passion, and I could really express how I felt about the issues involved.These skills have been developed through both the coursework and the placement..I felt confident about my verbal communication whereas I was concerned about my literacy skills which are impeded by my dyslexia.I experienced some nervousness because I find it difficult to face an audience and deliver a speech but with the help of the tutor’s feedback I am beginning to work on my fears and confidence by becoming involved in group discussion.My IT skills have improved quite considerably since the beginning of this module.I knew how to use e-mail, Microsoft word and various ways to search for information.The IT sessions have contributed greatly, so much, now have the confidence to use the internet regularly.


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