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The aggrieved seller can also prevent the shell purchaser simply walking away from the transaction without liability for the additional costs and expenses incurred due to the breach of the purchase agreement.

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Second, the provision should state that any such assignment to a new buying entity will NOT relieve the original buyer of its obligations under the purchase contract.

By doing so, the seller will have a remedy against both the newly – formed defaulting assignee and the original purchaser.

NDP housing critic David Eby remarked on Monday that the situation leads “to the inevitable conclusion that oversight of the real estate industry in B. is woefully inadequate.”Well, anyone who has ever made a complaint to the Law Society of B. or the College of Physicians and Surgeons may have the impression that regulatory bodies often do a better job of protecting members of their industry than members of the public.

Those who have seen the movie, The Big Short, about the financial shenanigans surrounding the 2008 American housing market collapse, know that the U. Securities and Exchange Commission was entirely asleep at the switch in regulating the markets at that time.

Furthermore, even if a legal judgment is obtained against the purchasing assignee entity, it is often worthless because the purchaser has no assets.

Why Legal Advice Should be Sought Regarding the Buyer’s Right to Assign the Purchase Agreement Anticipating that this issue may occur, we draft assignment provisions in the purchase agreement prior to signing that require two things.My neighbour told me last fall he had sold his Kerrisdale home with a distant closing date of January, in a “contract assignment” arrangement.He did not appear distressed, despite the fact he did not receive the additional profit that flowed from the quick flip that took place following the initial sale.Over the years, we have been contacted by many clients regarding purchase party defaults, after having permitted the initial buyer under a purchase contract to assign the agreement to a newly – created buyer affiliate or unrelated, third party assignee.As a result of not seeking legal advice regarding a buyer’s right to assign purchase agreement prior to the execution of the contract, two problems often result: 1) a shell purchasing entity is substituted as the buyer, and 2) the original buyer, which normally has assets, is now relieved of its obligations under the purchase agreement.Call the arrangement a shady real estate practice or insider trading, such contract assignments have been occurring for some time in Vancouver — with full knowledge of both the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and the Real Estate Council of B. (They also happen regularly in Toronto.)Yet, it took only a matter of days, after a newspaper article about the practice, for the Real Estate Council to strike an advisory group to scrutinize the practice as “an urgent matter”, and for B.C.’s Communities Minister Peter Fassbender to declare that the government would take “very seriously” any recommendations.First, any newly – formed affiliate assignee buyer must expressly assume, in writing, all obligations of the original buyer under the purchase agreement.This includes the obligation to pay all costs and expenses (such as attorneys’ fees and escrow and title cancellation fees) resulting from any pre-closing default by the new assignee purchaser.A big title saying "Learn how to make big money with real estate" or something to that effect followed by an offer to attend a free seminar. Here is when it's NOT a scam: By definition "wholesaling" is buying products, and then selling them at a profit.I get asked about these programs all the time, so I decided to attend a few of these "free seminars" to get a better idea of what they are about. In almost every industry this can be done ethically and legally.


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