Psychosynthesis S Subpersonalities

Psychosynthesis S Subpersonalities-10
• Integration: Developing the co-operation and the alignment of inner goals, such that the SPs start to act as a team, automatically.A team acting as a well-trimmed group, forcefully, flexibly adapted to each situation.

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A goal that in the best way possible meets the needs of all SPs, a goal that activates the persons journey towards his/her Visions, making it possible for the person to find his/her individual Life Path.

Open and concealed parts of us Other SPs can be conscious but hidden from others, like for example "The Adventurer", "The Rebel", "The Seeker".

Other SPs again can be completely subconscious and inaccessible t awareness even for oneself, like "The Inner Child", "The Critic".

To help us experience that we are more than the sum of our SPs: in the center of our psyche there is a central "I", which in itself is not a SP, but rather a clear center of Observation and "clean" Will.

An "I" from which we like an orchestra conductor lead the different SPs, like the individual musicians, to "play the same tune", but with different "instruments".


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