Professional Management Development Essay

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Bad behaviour is therefore defined by the level of disruption caused to a child’s learning.

Lawrence (1984) is quoted, “…disruption amounted to anything which prevented the teacher from achieving worthwhile results with the pupils.

Having this in mind, a trainee teacher should take a greater responsibility of their management techniques and focus on improvements.

“Effective classroom management is based on these basic principles; expressing authority, conveying enthusiasm, proactivity and preparation.” (Bryson 1998).

It is these aspects of behaviour management which I will focus on in my reflective practice.

When studying classroom behaviour teachers of often talk about poor or bad behaviour shown by pupils but this can vary depending on the teachers point of view.“If acting is the art of stopping people coughing, teaching is the art of stopping them throwing things around” (Mc Manus 1995) During my first placement in school, I was able to experiment with a variety of teaching techniques for all aspects of teaching.Due to the type of school I was placed at, the key factor I had to address was classroom management.The school had extensive problems with pupil behaviour, therefore before any meaningful learning could take place classroom management had to be dealt with.By the end of the placement my tutor gave me some extremely positive comments about my progress in this area and advised that I must continue to focus on classroom management to achieve outstanding lesson observations in the future.A clear and straightforward definition is given by Wragg (1993) “Class management is what teachers do to ensure that children engage in the task in hand, whatever that may be'”.Although simplistic this is essentially what all teachers must address every lesson.With this focus in mind I began my second placement with a strong motivation to develop my management techniques using all the resources available.This was an ideal area of development for me to use in my learning journal, where I could record my problems, try out new techniques and critically evaluate my progression.“List of qualities for those working with troublesome children: teachers must be stable, compassionate, sensitive, intelligent, resilient, mature and physically fit.” (Houghughi 1978) Behaviour management relies heavily on a teachers personality, mannerisms, acting ability and particulary confidence.“Teaching skills are difficult to get a purchase on because they are dynamic rather then mechanistic in character” (Eisner 1982).


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