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Other games are centered on the importance of team work and setting goals.

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Could gamers be the key to unlocking solutions to 21st-century global issues?

Social skills are necessary for human beings to function successfully in society, and many of these skills are learned during childhood through play.

Developers are delivering incredibly detailed and intricate worlds which challenge gamers to use a whole lot of brain power to solve complex problems inside of fully-designed worlds, often complete with players from all around the world interacting virtually with one another.

As game developers build increasingly multifaceted and interactive worlds, gamers are tasked to tackle ostensibly solvable problems that require them to make measured, tested, and learning-based decisions either alone or with a team effort.

With all those improved skills and a desire to use creative thinking to solve (virtually) serious problems, gamers may be the greatest asset humanity never saw coming.

Imagine all that collective manpower, out-of-the-box thinking, and desire to succeed at overcoming extreme virtual obstacles working together to solve genuine issues that plague our real world today.Studies suggest that mainstream games like "Call of Duty" may improve our cognitive abilities significantly more than games specifically designed to do so by designers like Luminosity.Even better for gamers, research from North Carolina State University and Florida State University suggests that mainstream games geared toward entertainment can help improve attention, spatial orientation, and problem-solving abilities.While it is a commonly held belief that video game hours are entirely wasted doing nothing much at all, decades of research shows otherwise.Video games, particularly complex ones like RPG, survival, and simulation games have surprising benefits to players.The free worksheets complement these videos nicely by having children test their problem-solving skills on their own.From there, children can move to solving problems at they play our free problem solving games which help them feel confident that they can solve any problem that comes their way.Even better for gamers, research from help improve attention, spatial orientation, and problem-solving abilities.In her book, "Super Better," Mc Gonigal writes that the researchers she talked to about this seeming contradiction offered a simple explanation: "Traditional video games are more complex and harder to master, and they require that the player learn a wider and more challenging range of skills and abilities." If you want to have fun and stimulate your mind, Mc Gonigal recommends playing one of these six games three times a week for about 20 minutes.Games like Fallout have made a big impact in gaming communities because they are not only games that are set in realistic, interactive, and grand worlds, but they are games who have a very simple objective: to survive.Because of the engrossing style of game play and the nature of the games themselves – allowing gamers to choose one of many paths in a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of play – gamers are spending more time than ever before playing their created roles in these worlds.


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