Pro Capital Punishment Essay

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The more publicity devoted to the execution, the more homicides decrease thereafter.This decrease apparently occurs because capital punishment has a short-term deterrent effect on homicides" (Phillips 139).By examining the benefits of capital punishment in deterring crime and looking at the more philosophical issues of general punishment for murder it will be demonstrated how important it is for the nation to retain capital punishment.

The more publicity devoted to the execution, the more homicides decrease thereafter.

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In general, keeping capital punishment has been proven to work in deterring some instances of murder and thus we should not try to fix what is not broken and should keep capital punishment.

For further proof as to the usefulness of capital punishment in deterring crime, it is necessary to consider how it deters crime when its existence directly confronts people.

One finds in the Bible the popular expression, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" and this almost seems a perfect statement for capital punishment.

One must ask how, if not through capital punishment, is one supposed to be punished for the crime of taking another human being’s life?

If future criminals feel that they can easily get off with a light sentence for one of the most horrible possible crimes, it seems only natural that instances of murder would increase.

“Some argue that executing murderers may actually cause more murders by desensitizing society at large to killing.

Those who would question this might remind us that the murder rates are lower in Europe than in the United States (Ellsworth 119) and they do not have capital punishment.

The counter-argument, however, is that they do not face some of the same societal problems that we do in the United States and thus what works for them might not apply in the case of our society.

This man was sentenced to death after being incarcerated for less than four years being put on death row.

Did this man deserve to die on the behalf of over 150 people, including nineteen children? In some peoples minds it did, and that's why the death penalty should be allowed to stay in rotation for serious criminals for the heavy crimes they commit.


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