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Antidepressants and medications may put a bandage on the problem but they won't change thinking patterns. Seligman is often accused of changing psychology into "happychology", and his Power of Positive Thinking philosophy is criticized as being New Age or unscientific.

But, he argues that how you perceive life's situations makes a great difference on your level of happiness.

Martin Seligman stated that traditional psychology put far too great an emphasis on weakness and illness, to the point where "getting rid of the bad" was more important that "attaining the good".

In other words, the main goal of psychology was to eliminate depression rather than helping someone find authentic happiness.

Martin Seligman was born August 12, 1942 in Albany, New York. D in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1967.

Seligman began his career working as an assistant professor at Cornell University before accepting a teaching position at the University of Pennsylvania.

And, by most societal standards, that is fine, right?

Aren't parents supposed to sacrifice their lives and put their own needs aside for the sake of their children?

Seligman believes this same principle can be applied to parenting.

Positive parenting, which is a practical application of positive psychology, states that you get what you are - the way you treat your child will eventually be seen in your child.


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