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Lahore, occasional residence of Mughal rulers, exhibits a multiplicity of important buildings from the empire, among them the Badshahi mosque, the fortress of Lahore with the famous Alamgiri Gate, the colourful, still strongly Mughal-influenced Wazir Khan Mosque as well as numerous other mosques and mausoleums.

During the 16th to 18th centuries, Mughal painting developed, heavily influenced by Persian miniatures.

Abdul Rehman Chughtai, Sughra Rababi, Ustad Allah Baksh, Aboo B.

The culture of these Pakistani ethnic groups have been greatly influenced by many of its neighbours, such as the other South Asian, Iranic, Turkic as well as the peoples of Central Asia and West Asia.

The region has formed a distinct unit within the main geographical complex of Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Central Asia from the earliest times, and is analogous to the intermediary position of Afghanistan.

There are differences among the ethnic groups in cultural aspects such as dress, food, and religion, especially where pre-Islamic customs differ from Islamic practices.

Their cultural origins also reveal influences from far afield and indigenous, including ancient India and Central Asia.In the British colonial age, the buildings developed were predominantly of European styles such as gothic, baqroue and neoclassical.The Indo-Saracenic style, with a mixture of European and Indian-Islamic components, also developed during this period.The rise of Buddhism, Guptas, Mouryas, and the Persian and Greek influence led to the development of the Greco-Buddhist style, starting from the 1st century CE.The high point of this era was reached with the culmination of the Gandhara style.An example of Buddhist architecture is the ruins of the Buddhist monastery Takht-i-Bahi in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.The arrival of Islam in today's Pakistan introduced the classical Islamic construction techniques into Pakistan's architectural landscape.Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Seraiki, and Pashto poetry have all incorporated and influenced Pakistani poetry.The variety of Pakistani music ranges from diverse provincial folk music and traditional styles such as Qawwali which is played by men clapping, singing and playing drums and Ghazal Gayaki to modern forms fusing traditional and Western music.The enthusiasm for poetry exists at a regional level as well, with nearly all of Pakistan's provincial languages continuing the legacy.Since the independence of the country in 1947 and establishment of Urdu as the national language, poetry is written in that language as well.


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