Persuasive Essay On Discrimination In The Workplace

It can extend so far as to treat a group of people unfairly.Religion-related discrimination doubled between 19. The first amendment protects every citizen to practice their religion freely.Those in the United States are legally protected from being harassed based on their beliefs.

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In this assignment, discrimination and stereotypes in the workplace will be discussed to find the original reasons of such phenomenon and offer some potential solutions for these one.

Most of countries in over the world make laws to regulate equal opportunities aiming to create a ‘level playing field’ so that people are employed, paid, trained and promoted only because of their skills, abilities and how they perform their jobs.

By understanding what it is and recognizing the signs people who perpetrate it can be educated and it can be stopped.

Recognizing the rate at which different groups are discriminated against in different countries draws great light upon the fact that religious discrimination is quite prevalent in spite of attempts to thwart it.

By working together to better understand and appreciate other religions through improved education people can eliminate the propensity for increased religious discrimination against fellow employees.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.In different places of employment there might be signs of religious discrimination.Like all other forms of discrimination it is not acceptable nor should it be tolerated.Discrimination is happened when an employer treats one employee less favorably than others or that employer treat unfairly to one employee.It could mean a local employee being paid less than a foreign colleague for doing the same job, or a female employee being refused the training opportunities offered to a male colleague.Jews constitute one percent of the world population and yet are discriminated against in eighty five countries which ranks them third among all other religious groups.Nearly half of the countries in the world saw religious discrimination increase just between the years 20.In order to maintain such an environment, employers must provide training and resources to enhance diversity awareness of these issues in the workplace.In the scenario with the hiring of a new human resource manager, the employer has interviewed a candidate who has the necessary skills and background for the position.In Europe and Asia the restrictions related to religious discrimination are quite high.In North American and Australia the restrictions against religious discrimination are moderate.


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