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An introduction to this type of academic writing has 2 primary purposes: Try to stay subtle if you want to succeed in the convincing writing.Identify the topic, purposes, main messages, sources, and target audience before developing an outline and start working on the introduction.We have prepared one of the great persuasive essay examples to give an overall idea.

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Jeremy Walsh, college teacher of Religious Studies & online writer at Nerdy Mates The primary purpose of a debatable writing is to make people take the same position regarding a specific topic.

Without a credible, relevant evidence, the author’s points will not sound strong enough to ensure the audience.

Jenny Mollen It does not matter whether you know who Jenny Mollen is or not – she was right when saying it.

It is time to provide a clear answer to the question, “What is persuasive essay?

Every new body paragraph starts with the primary idea, and it is followed by the in-text citations and evidence gathered from the primary sources.

Before writing each body paragraph, conduct in-depth research to select the most up-to-date, accurate, and credible facts from the sources like books, magazines, newspapers, websites, documentaries, etc. Teachers do not grade them as anyone can edit those websites.

Example: Once you stated the thesis, the final sentence of the introduction paragraph, do everything possible to defend your idea.

Develop 3 strong arguments to support your opinion.

“People often confuse persuasive writing with argumentative one.

The main difference is that an author of the argumentative paper has to take a certain position regarding the chosen topic while an author of another type of paper should also persuade the target audience his argument is the dogma.


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