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You can’t stop living.” ― “There is considerable hypocrisy in conventionalism.Any thinking person is aware of this paradox; but in dealing with conventional people it is advantageous to treat them as though they were not hypocrites.("When I was a girl," she had once told a friend, "I was terribly sure trees and flowers were the same as birds or people. But one can never get quiet enough...")” ― “Like the waters of the river, like the motorists on the highway, and like the yellow trains streaking down the Santa Fe tracks, drama, in the shape of exceptional happenings, had never stopped there.” ― “Two features in his personality make-up stand out as particularly pathological.

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“You are a man of extreme passion, a hungry man not quite sure where his appetite lies, a deeply frustrated man striving to project his individuality against a backdrop of rigid conformity.

You exist in a half-world suspended between two superstructures, one self-expression and the other self-destruction.

Except for one thing: they had experienced prolonged terror, they had suffered. Nonetheless, he found it possible to look at the man beside him without anger - with, rather, a measure of sympathy - for Perry Smith's life had been no bed of roses but pitiful, an ugly and lonely progress toward one mirage and then another.

Dewey's sympathy, however, was not deep enough to accommodate either forgiveness or mercy.

Reaching a compromise is expected to take a few weeks. Kansas is one of 14 states without a death penalty. Among those put to death in Kansas before 1972 were Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, the killers of wheat farmer Herb Clutter, his wife, Bonnie, their 16-year-old daughter, Nancy, and 15-year-old son, Kenyon.

Hickock and Smith targeted the family farmhouse but planned only to rob the senior Clutter, who they believed kept substantial amounts of cash in a safe.

Hickock and Smith were convicted and sentenced to hang the following spring.

They spent five years on Death Row before entering “The Corner,” the warehouse at the Kansas State Penitentiary in Lansing that housed the state gallows.“In Cold Blood” was published in 1965, shortly after their executions.

You are strong, but there is a flaw in your strength, and unless you learn to control it the flaw will prove stronger than your strength and defeat you. Explosive emotional reaction out of all proportion to the occasion. Why this unreasonable anger at the sight of others who are happy or content, this growing contempt for people and the desire to hurt them?

All right, you think they're fools, you despise them because their morals, their happiness is the source of your frustration and resentment.


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