Peace Corps Essay

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As I have grown up, my goal of serving in the Peace Corps has remained the same, but the reasons have changed as much as I have.

When I made my list, I included the Peace Corps because it provided me with something that nothing else in my life did at that time: a chance to go out and do something crazy!

The list included things like skydiving and taking a cross country road trip, also on the list was to serve in the Peace Corps.

At the time, 25 seemed like a lifetime away, but as I get closer to that age, the Peace Corps remains on my list.

And I want to learn to truly understand people – by living and communicating with them, not just listening to the news stories.

I want the opportunity to go out and make a real difference and impact our world, no matter how big or small my part will play.I know that serving in the Peace Corps won’t be easy.I know that I will run into difficulties and hard times.Trust is the hardest thing to build and once it is lost, I don’t believe it can ever be fully regained.I think the only way to really build trusting relationships and build confidence with my host community will be to show them and their culture the respect it deserves and to completely embrace and throw myself in to their way of life with no preconceived notions about how things should be.Another program of the Peace Corps is communications technology.The information technology volunteers supply technical guidance and support to organizations that want to make better use of information and communications technology.All volunteers will be prepared to address the multiple health, social, and economic problems associated with the HIV/AIDS epidemic.There are many Peace Corps programs in Botswana and Swaziland which are devoted exclusively to combating the epidemic.I want to meet people who can enrich my life at the same time I am working to enrich theirs through the service the Peace Corps provides.I want to show people that not all Americans are how they are portrayed on reality TV shows.


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