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By 1858, when Offenbach was finally allowed a large enough cast to do the theme justice, Halévy was preoccupied with his work as a senior civil servant, and the final libretto was credited to Crémieux alone.The first performance took place at the Salle Choiseul on 21 October 1858.

The other gods beg to come with him, he consents, and mass celebrations break out at this holiday ("Gloire! Her gaoler is a dull-witted tippler by the name of John Styx.

Before he died, he was King of Boeotia (a region of Greece that Aristophanes made synonymous with country bumpkins), Jupiter discovers where Pluton has hidden Eurydice, and slips through the keyhole by turning into a beautiful, golden fly.

He meets Eurydice on the other side, and sings a love duet with her where his part consists entirely of buzzing ("Duo de la mouche").

Eurydice has discovered what she thinks is a plot by Orphée to kill Aristée – letting snakes loose in the fields – but is in fact a conspiracy between Orphée and Pluton to kill her, so that Pluton may have her and Orphée be rid of her.

Pluton tricks her into walking into the trap by showing immunity to it, and she is bitten.


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