Organic Food Argument Essay

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Do city dwellers buy more organic food than people living in rural areas? A research paper can explore the reality of this claim.

Include data that supports or challenges the assertion that organic food is better for the consumer’s health because it has a higher nutritional value and fewer toxic chemicals.

Organic food can be seen as a better alternative, since it is more natural.

Organic foods are believed to be safer than conventional ones, and it has natural origins, which makes it a reasonable choice.

It is a common fact that the human population on Earth is enormous: over 7 billion people inhabiting a relatively small planet.

Aside from many other conundrums stemming from overpopulation stands a question of food supplies.Besides, many people claim it tastes better than other products. There are three main types of expository essays: scholarly writing used mainly for academic purposes, which describes or examines a process in a comprehensive way; analyzing a concept, which describes and explores a written work or an event; also, exposi...Organic products—not only food, but also textiles and cosmetics—are becoming more popular among people globally. In the United States, there also exists strict requirements for the products labeled as organic: the U. Department of Agriculture has enabled a special certification program that requires organic food to meet specific standards.In correlation to this, customers should pay attention to the labeling on the packaging of food products.According to recent research in the United States, organic food contains an average of 63% more calcium, 73% more iron, 125% more potassium, and 60% more zinc compared to conventional food products.This is not to mention the fact that common food is about 25% more toxic than the food produced from natural components (Canadian Living).To protect the organic farmer and the consumer from unethical marketing practices, the USDA has established requirements that must be met in order for a food to bear its “Organic Seal.” Define these requirements and explain what practices farmers use to ensure they are met.For instance, farmers must “support animal health and welfare.” The Organic Trade Association explains practices that support this objective, such as animals being fed organic feed and cows grazing on “rich, nutritious grass” for at least one-third their lives.Factors could include marketing trends that influence consumers or access to information provided by special interest groups or health care providers.Discuss the effects demographics have on organic food purchases.


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